Protective Armor

SCH engineers in concert with established armor protection firms work together to develop armor protective structures consistent with client security demands -- whether military field command centers, government buildings, police stations, hospitals, churches, schools, and other structures.

Troop Safety

Advanced and lightweight armor materials are employed by personnel experienced in science and physics survivability that integrates blast and ballistics material science into architectural design. The result is optimal security, cost containment, near instant structures, net zero energy costs, and visual discreteness.

ballistic 01

Ballistic Testing

Lab tested ballistic test.  AK47 and M16

ballistic 02

S-Panel Application

S-Panel back layer provides excellent protection.

ballistic 03

Dual Layer S-Panels

Two layer S-Panel walls provide excellent insulation.


Safety Barrier

Protecting our troops and military personal stationed in dangerous and vital locations around the world.